Handbook of best sales practices

for software vendors


After many years as a sales manager with several software vendors (from Oracle to small start-ups), I realized that similar behaviors (good or bad) would show up in a consistent manner across organizations. I therefore thought it would be interesting to formalize them and share knowledge in a collaborative approach.

The most fascinating thing is that the same issues regarding strategy, internal organization or sales methodology could be encountered regardless of the size of the vendor.


It is commonly accepted that problems are more complex to identify and solve at larger organizations. Although it’s true to some extent, my experience is telling me just the contrary! Sure, one can identify issues that are purely size related. But the truth of the matter is that they are simply occurring at a different maturity stage, and may therefore vary significantly in terms of visibility. A good practice in a start-up will most likely remain applicable in a similar way in a large multinational corporation.


So let’s go through some of these best practices together.

But watch out, you might be tempted to compare with your own organization, and chances are that you will have some thinking to do then!




Best practices by domain



By the way, all feedback is more than welcome, I always enjoy interesting discussions!